Not in Our Name: Jewish American Protesters Occupy Lawmakers Offices Demanding Gaza Ceasefire

Posted by S Peer Mohamed (peer) on 11/2/2023 7:07:23 PM


As the U.S. refuses to call for a Gaza ceasefire, protests continue on Capitol Hill to put pressure on lawmakers. Dozens of American Jewish activists with the group IfNotNow were arrested as they held sit-ins at the offices of House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, Democratic Whip Katherine Clark and Vermont independent Senator Bernie Sanders.

Protester: “How many more Palestinians have to be killed until we call for a ceasefire? How many more?”

Protesters: [singing] “Ceasefire now. Ceasefire now. Ceasefire now.”

Activists sang “Ceasefire now!” “Not in our name!” and “No genocide!” as U.S. Capitol police placed them in plastic handcuffs. Senator Sanders said Wednesday he supports a “humanitarian pause” in Gaza, but did not say he supports a ceasefire, as activists are demanding.


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