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Charity: 18-00-12: Educational Help / Poor Sister

Posted by S Peer Mohamed (peer) on 18-00-12

Dear Brothers,    Assalamu alaikum,

May peace, mercy and blessings upon all of you.Bro Niyaz (thalayuth) called me last week and said that his relation girl need help for his higher studies.she was  from a very poor family.His father is a tea master and suffered with nerve disease.Her mom working as a housemaid.That sister got 415 marks total in her 10th Std,Due to his family problem, she scored only 874 in Her 12th Standard.Now the sister willing to join BA English literature in Annai Hajara  Melappalayam.For every year cost is about 11,000/- INR.

Please make all our contribution to give education to our poor Sister.Insha Allah,Allah will give his blessings both here and hereafter.This is not a big money for the people who were working in abroad.Niyaz personally asked our batch guys.I know you people doing many good things.Hope a good one from u all.

I have attached her mark sheet for your kind notification.

For further enquiry, please contact Bro.Niyaz (0091-8903477786 )

Siddiq.M.K, 9003261512

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