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Charity: 18-00-12: Medical Help / Aravinth from Madurai.

Posted by S Peer Mohamed (peer) on 18-00-12

Assalamu Alaikum,

Sorry to intrude your mailbox. I am Mohammed Irfan, Son of Alimalick Peer Mohamed from Chennai. I hope this finds you in good health and happiness. I write this letter with great grief because a roommate of mine and a good friend, Aravinth working in Infosys as Systems Engineer from Madurai, met with a tragic accident on Thursday( 06/14/2012).

He was immediately admitted to a nearby hospital named SRM. The initial reports and scans helped the doctor diagnose him with severe head injury and punctured lung due to a fractured rib. The head injury includes superficial fracture in the left part of the skull and brain swelling accompanied with severe bleeding in the right part of the brain. He is yet to attain consciousness.

He was then transmitted to APPOLO general hospital for further treatment. The exceptional doctors there made some drastic overnight surgery in the lungs and almost cured the lung problem, Alhamdulillah. The doctor after analysing the CT scan taken today informed that the bleeding has stopped and the swelling has started to decrease. He is scheduled to get treatment from Brain Specialist Dr. Sidharth Bose from Monday.

Though a slight enhance in the body condition is one thing to be happy about, the expense coupled with it should also be taken into account. The hospital has provided evidence giving the daily expense to be a whopping 78000INR a day. Furthermore they have asked to pay a sum of 14.5 lacs for the initial stages of treatment.

His family not being able to afford the expense are in need of help. In the name of Allah, please try to contribute towards his recovery and well being. It would be of great help to his parents who are longing to see their child back in normal condition. I pray in this hour that Allah gives him hidayat and also give him a long life, Aameen.

Interested brothers please revert ASAP so that we can discuss on the mode of payment. Please remember him in your duas.

Thanks and Regards
Mohammed Irfan P +919094417894

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