Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority have warned parents against using their children, unknowingly, as a protective cushion.

This is typically demonstrated in having either parent holding an infant on their laps while seated in the front seat, rendering the child to act as a cushion.

In the event of an accident, the infant will be thrown from the lap to hit the dashboard, immediately followed by the body of the parent, which will cause an immense impact on the infant.

The infant plays the role of an air bag through protecting his or her parent while risking his life and might die in the process of being squeezed between the parent's body and the suddenly popping-up air bag.

There is a great possibility that the child may even be thrown off the vehicle due to his or her tiny body, as the parent might not be able to control over the situation under such circumstances.

Badr Al Siri, Director of the Traffic Department at the Roads and Transport Authority's (RTA) Traffic and Roads Agency, said RTA is keen to fulfil its vision of providing "safe and smooth transport for all".